How To Prevent Evidence From Being Destroyed

In the midst of a personal injury case, you might find yourself in a situation where you are afraid that evidence might be destroyed. This can be a serious concern on your mind, especially if you are fighting a big company that denies liability. For example, you might be fighting a major trucking company after a trucking accident or a slip and fall after a grocery store injury. No matter what kind of evidence you need to keep safe, this is what you need to know to preserve evidence before your case. [Read More]

The Unforeseen Costs Of Divorce

Have you always heard that getting a divorce is expensive, but don't know why? It helps to understand what some of the unforeseen costs are with getting a divorce so that you can be well prepared. Process Serving Fees Even if you are having a collaborative divorce with your spouse, you still must pay for process serving. This involves having a neutral third party deliver the divorce paperwork to your spouse and certify that it has been received. [Read More]

What Is Done to Punish Defendants in Injury Cases?

Victims in injury cases often want to see defendants pay for the wrongs they committed. It's important to understand that punishment isn't a central feature of anything a personal injury lawyer does, though. Let's look at how the law approaches the issue of punishment in injury cases. Zeroing Out The logic of injury law centers on putting things back or zeroing out the harm that occurred. Yes, the law acknowledges that this is frequently an imperfect solution and that it's rare that an injured person's life goes back to the way it was before an accident. [Read More]

Do Not Make These Mistakes When Filing A Workers' Compensation Claim

Most people hope that they will never get an on-the-job injury. However, it can happen in almost any industry or position. Even seemingly safe job positions such as working at a desk can result in injuries. Employees should not fear getting injured at work because most employers have a legal duty to have workers' compensation insurance. The insurance is designed to cover the medical expenses and lost wages of injured employees. [Read More]