Steps You Can Take To Avoid Labor Litigation

To protect your business, you will need to be prepared for employees who may wish to engage in litigation against your business. Fortunately, you can avoid a large number of labor disputes with labor litigation services.

1. Most Labor Disputes Are Avoidable

Showing zero tolerance for workplace misconduct can help you avoid many labor disputes. You will want your employees to understand your philosophy and your commitment to keeping your employees safe. You can also reduce the risk of labor disputes by making sure that the employees who are hired by your company are those who are the least likely to cause trouble.

For those employees who aren't troublemakers, you can make sure that they know exactly how to report misconduct so that you can have the necessary actions taken as soon as possible. Then, the troublemakers can be disciplined or dismissed and you can avoid a lawsuit.

2. Examples of Policies

You may need to hire labor litigation services to draft new policies. For example, if your company was not prepared for a global pandemic, it may not have had policies drafted regarding the wearing of personal protective equipment. As a result, some of your employees might have become sick and may then argue that you maintained an unsafe work environment. 

Your managers must be trained on the best policies so that they can then properly train employees and enforce these policies. Managers should be trained on family-friendly policies and should also be trained on how to use predictive scheduling that is fair and rational. 

3. Use Agreements Crafted by an Experienced Attorney

Employees are always able to take legal action against you. However, you will be able to craft an agreement that allows you to control the method by which you resolve disputes. For example, you may choose to handle your disputes primarily through third-party arbitration rather than through the courts and you could have your employee agree to use arbitration first.

4. Make Sure Data Is Easily Accessible

If your company will need to undergo an audit, you will want to make sure that all the data that will be needed can be accessed easily. For example, you will want to be able to provide employee timesheets when requested to prove that employees are being adequately paid. When you invest in labor compliance, you will be able to avoid expensive litigation and will also create a better work environment.