Getting Divorced? 4 Tips To Follow

A divorce will be a major event in your life that is time consuming, emotionally draining, and expensive as well. That's why it's so crucial that things go your way through your divorce process to help ensure you endure as little stress and pain as possible. These 4 tips can help you get through it. Avoid Talking About Your Emotional Pain With Your Lawyer It's normal for a divorce to be very painful, and your lawyer understands that since they deal with so many cases just like yours. [Read More]

When Your Ex Is Contentious: Getting Through Your Divorce Without Losing Your Mind

When you are in the middle of a divorce, it can get really messy. If your ex is a contentious person, willing to fight over every little thing, it can be a nightmare. While it's important to get what you deserve, it's also important to preserve your sanity as you go through a difficult divorce. Determine what you believe you are entitled to, and do what you can to get your fair share. [Read More]

Overcoming "Bloodshot Eyes" Probable Cause Claims For A False DUI Arrest

Being arrested for driving while intoxicated is serious. So is being falsely arrested for a DWI. Law enforcement officers must be diligent and pull over vehicles in which the driver appears to be intoxicated. They also must rely on additional evidence to support probable cause for an arrest. In a case of officer misconduct or a simple mistake, a driver should perform necessary steps to support a false arrest defense over the improper reliance on bloodshot eyes as probable cause when the condition was the result of dirty contact lenses. [Read More]

Pursuing Criminal And Civil Action In Assault Cases: Key Considerations

Have you been the victim of a recent assault? If so, then you have two distinct legal avenues for obtaining justice: criminal charges and a civil lawsuit. The following article takes a closer look at some of the key considerations involved regarding this issue.  Key Differences    A key difference between criminal and civil proceedings is that a criminal action is meant to punish the offender, while a civil case is intended to provide compensation to the victim. For this reason, a criminal assault conviction might result in jail time for the defendant, while a successful civil lawsuit typically requires the defendant to compensate the victim financially. [Read More]