You've Been Bit: 4 Things You Should Do When the Neighbor's Dog Bites You

Your neighbor owns a dog that has been menacing the neighborhood. You've called animal control but the dog is always back in the yard by the time they arrive. However, the dog just got out and attacked you while you were in your own yard. Now you're injured and you don't know what to do. According to statistics, about 1,000 people require medical care for dog bites every day in the United States. [Read More]

What Role Will The Guardian Ad Litem Play In My Divorce?

If divorce is a trying experience for the splitting spouses, imagine the stress on the children. In some cases, they may even blame themselves for the breakup. Judges recognize that there are times they need to step in and provide children of divorces with legal assistance. The advisor who speaks for such children in court is the guardian ad litem. Parents involved in divorce cases may be surprised to learn that the judge has assigned a someone else to represent their child. [Read More]

Three Situations That May Make You Adopt An Adult

Did you know that the law allows you to adopt an adult? In fact, the laws governing adult adoption are less stringent than those for adopting children. If you are wondering why anybody would want to adopt an adult, then you can get the answers in the three situations discussed below. To Ease the Process of Inheritance Adopting an adult gives him the right to inherit your properties without much fuss, even if you die without a will. [Read More]

False Charges: What to Do If You Are Charged with Domestic Violence

A false accusation of domestic violence is terrifying to face, since it can keep you from your children, saddle you with a criminal record, and land you in jail. The reasons for a false accusation are many, but it often occurs during divorces, custody battles, or as revenge for a break up or other perceived slight. Fortunately, you do have options when it comes to defending your innocence. Get Help [Read More]