Three Situations That May Make You Adopt An Adult

Did you know that the law allows you to adopt an adult? In fact, the laws governing adult adoption are less stringent than those for adopting children. If you are wondering why anybody would want to adopt an adult, then you can get the answers in the three situations discussed below.

To Ease the Process of Inheritance

Adopting an adult gives him the right to inherit your properties without much fuss, even if you die without a will. Most states' interstate laws give children and spouse the upper hand when it comes to inheritance.

Also, naming a non-relative as a beneficiary of your will is fraught with so many dangers. For example, other close relatives can easily contest the will by claiming that the beneficiary pressured you into naming him or her. Thus, if you have a parent-child relationship with an adult and you wish to give him or her a portion of your estate, then adopting him or her makes the process easy.

To Take Care of the Parent

In many cases, adoption benefits both parties even if both the adoptee and adopter are adults. For example, you may adopt another adult so that he or she can take care of you, or vice versa. This may be the case, for example, if one of you is getting very old, is struggling with a terminal illness or is disabled.

Of course, a good friend can take care of you without going through the adoption process. However, it is much easier for a family member (such as an adoptive parent or adopted child) to make important decisions regarding your life than it is for a non-relative to do so.

To formalize your parent-child relationship

There are many adults who have parent-children relationships with other adults. Perhaps he or she is a coworker whose parents died a long time ago or just a good friend who doesn't know his or her biological parents. If you feel a strong bond, and you both agree to it, then you can formalize your relationship by adopting him or her.

Don't forget to discuss the implications of the adoption on your inheritance with your lawyer and family members. A family lawyer can provide you with the guidance you need to adopt an adult child. The legal requirements may be few, but they are there all the same. For example, a few states may still require you to prove an age gap with the person you intend to adopt.