Got In An Accident While Texting? You May Be Sued

Texting is a communication method that has likely become the most popular way to reach out to friends and family members. However, texting while driving is a dangerous activity that a can lead to serious car accidents. When this happens, it is essential to understand why you are liable and how to defend against this kind of case. Texting While Driving Is Often A Crime Texting while driving requires the kind of concentration most people cannot handle. [Read More]

When to File for Bankruptcy During a Divorce

Unfortunately, one of the most common causes for divorce is money. In some cases, one or both spouses will need to file for bankruptcy in order to handle issues with money and property. However, some may be leery about filing for both bankruptcy and divorce at the same time. You will have to think about several different things when making this decision. It will vary from couple to couple based on different circumstances. [Read More]

Truth Behind Workers Comp Claim Misconceptions

Have you recently been injured as a result of an incident at your workplace? Have you been trying to get compensation for your injury but the insurance company is trying to claim that you're not actually due anything for your loss? Dealing with insurance companies can be an exercise in frustration, especially if you're trying to handle everything on your own. What you need is to have a good workers comp attorney on your side. [Read More]

Four Mistakes To Avoid Before And During The Divorce Process

A divorce can be an emotional time. One or both partners can make mistakes that can hurt them long after the divorce is over. The following are four mistakes that you should avoid during your divorce. Using the same attorney You and your spouse may be on good speaking terms and be ready for an amicable divorce, but this in no way justifies using the same attorney. Just because you have separate attorneys does not mean the divorce will become hostile. [Read More]