Consider The Family Members Of Each Spouse When Determining Custody

When you're deciding the custody of your children as you and your spouse are going through a divorce, you'll commonly want to assess a number of things about each of you. For example, if one person travels a lot, it might make sense for the other to have custody of the children. Or, if one person has a lot of instability in his or her life, the other parent taking responsibility for the children may be in their best interest. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Suspect Your Are Being Discriminated Against In The Workplace

There are many forms of discrimination in the workplace. Race, religion, age, and gender to name only a few. Most of the time, workplace discrimination will not be overt, so you need to pay attention to some of the signs of discrimination. The following are some of the situations to be aware of that may indicate you are being discriminated against. 1. You did not get the promotion Obviously, just because you were not promoted is not by itself an indication of discrimination. [Read More]

Applying For Social Security Disability? 4 Tips For Your Application

As a general rule, filling out an application is relatively straightforward. While this remains true with your Social Security Disability application for the most part, there is a lot riding on this paperwork. Plus, there are a few areas that may be a bit vague. So, here are a few tips that will help as you fill out your application and (fingers crossed) await your approval. Tip #1: Think Carefully About When Your Disability Started [Read More]

4 Ways Your Own Behavior Can Hurt Your Slip And Fall Case

With so many different variables to consider, determining who should be held responsible for a slip and fall accident can quickly become a complex issue. Although the actions of the property owner play a major role in determining fault, your own behavior can also become a significant factor. Your actions leading up to the incident and the circumstances surrounding those actions can strengthen or weaken your slip and fall case. The following highlights four negligent and dangerous actions that could significantly weaken or even invalidate your slip and fall injury claim. [Read More]