About Getting Legal Help When Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence

Are you in a lot of legal trouble after getting into a physical confrontation with your spouse when you were only trying to defend yourself? If you are actually the victim in the domestic situation, it might be wise to hire a lawyer so you won't end up with a criminal record that you don't deserve. Discover below how a lawyer can build a strong argument on your behalf to help you come out on top in your unfair domestic violence case. [Read More]

What Did You Miss? Uncovering Evidence Of A Wrongful Death

When you are visiting a loved one in a nursing home, something might seem wrong, but you just can't put your finger on it. Your loved one is acting strange and seems distressed about his or her time at the nursing home. Then, your loved one passes away unexpectedly. If you believe that your loved one was neglected and that this might have contributed to his or her passing away, you are entitled to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. [Read More]

2 Ways A Divorce Attorney Can Help Ensure You Have What You Need For Retirement

Divorce can be a time of anguish, regret, resentment, and even anger, but you might not have known that divorce can also affect your quality of life in retirement. This is especially true for those who divorce later in life, when the majority of you and your partner's assets were accumulated during marriage. Without an experienced attorney to walk you through the process, you might not know that the division of assets is imperative to your retirement, or that you are entitled to up to 100% of your spouse's social security benefits. [Read More]

Filing A Lawsuit Over Lead Paint In Your Home

Lead paint is no longer used, but if you have an older home, you might be at risk of having it in your home. Lead paint was an additive often used in paint before the late 1970s, but has since been banned due to the health complications it was causing children and adults. If your home was built before the late 1970s, you may have lead paint in your home and should be very careful with home renovations. [Read More]