About Getting Legal Help When Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence

Are you in a lot of legal trouble after getting into a physical confrontation with your spouse when you were only trying to defend yourself? If you are actually the victim in the domestic situation, it might be wise to hire a lawyer so you won't end up with a criminal record that you don't deserve. Discover below how a lawyer can build a strong argument on your behalf to help you come out on top in your unfair domestic violence case.  

What Should Be Expected During the Consultation with a Lawyer?

During the consultation with a lawyer, keep in mind that you must remain truthful and that the conversation will be confidential. Telling lies about what actually happened on the day of the incident will only weaken your defense in court because the lawyer will be improperly prepared if evidence is presented against you by the prosecutor. Basically, you should expect to be asked questions such as who physically assaulted who first on the day of the incident. You will also be asked if you or your spouse have a previous history of domestic violence. The point of the question is to help with determining if the lawyer wants to accept the case or not, which he or she will if it is believed that you are not at fault.

How Will the Lawyer Build a Defense After the Case is Accepted?

If your spouse was taunting you by touching your skin, calling names and hitting you to arouse anger, the lawyer will find out if he or she has done that in past relationships as well. The lawyer will hire an investigator to locate people that dated your spouse in the past and were victimized with domestic violence. The lawyer will also get a copy of the criminal records of both you and your spouse to, as the records can be used to prove character in court. The mental history of your spouse will also be investigated in case it is the root of his or her behavior.

If it is proven in court that you are actually the victim, the lawyer can then help you start a criminal case against your spouse so you can get justice. You may also be able to sue for the pain and suffering that the false accusations against you caused. Speak to a criminal defense lawyer (such as one from Larson, Latham, Huettl Attorneys) as soon as you are able to!