Four Mistakes To Avoid Before And During The Divorce Process

A divorce can be an emotional time. One or both partners can make mistakes that can hurt them long after the divorce is over. The following are four mistakes that you should avoid during your divorce.

Using the same attorney

You and your spouse may be on good speaking terms and be ready for an amicable divorce, but this in no way justifies using the same attorney. Just because you have separate attorneys does not mean the divorce will become hostile. But there will always be some conflict during a divorce, and only an attorney working for you will be able to protect your interests.

Assuming you know about all of the assets

If your spouse has been the one who has been in charge of most or all of the finances during the marriage, it is entirely possible that there are a few assets that you are not aware of. Divorce attorneys routinely run hidden asset checks on a spouse who controls the finances to make sure all of the marital assets are identified.

Not consulting with an accountant

After a divorce, your tax situation will change quickly, but not just your filing status. There may be immediate implications for taxes that are owed because certain types of assets are dissolved during the divorce, and the money divided between you and your spouse. Because of this, it helps to avoid too much conflict. No matter what the settlement is, you should never finalize it until an accountant can review the financial implications. In some situations, both of you may be hurt, but it is also possible that you are the one that will be hurt the most. Make sure you speak to an accountant with experience in post-divorce finances.

Rushing the divorce process

With few exceptions, a divorce settlement is final, so you need to take your time and make sure it is the best agreement you can get. In addition, you want to make sure that nothing is left out or forgotten. For example, if you are planning on alimony, you need to make sure you have included all of your expenses, so you are not short-changed after the divorce.

Regardless of your thoughts and emotions about your spouse, you need to speak to a divorce attorney and get financial advice before and during the divorce. Avoiding mistakes now will help you get your fair share in a settlement and protect you from financial problems and hardships in the years to come. Check out websites like for more information.