Two Questions Worker's Compensation Clients May Need Answered

Most of your days at work are likely to be fairly routine, but there can be days where you are unfortunate enough to suffer a major injury as a result of your job. When this happens, you may be a candidate for filing a worker's compensation claim. This is a type of insurance that protects workers when they are injured while doing their work. However, you may not have much experience filing these types of claims, and if this is the case, the following couple of answers to common questions may be useful to you.

Will You Be Able To Work During The Rehabilitation Process?

There are many injuries that you will only be able to recover from with the help of extensive physical rehabilitation. This is a type of therapy designed to restore your range of movement. However, these sessions can often be required for several weeks or longer. When this is the case, you should be relieved to learn that you may still be eligible to continue working and earning pay. This is possible because your employer is required to make reasonable accommodations to you during the recovery process. In instances where this is not possible, you will be awarded at least partial pay for the time that you are recovering.

What Happens If Your Claim For Workers Compensation Is Disputed?

There may be instances where you find that your worker's compensation claim is being disputed by either your employer or insurance company. This can often happen for repetitive stress injuries that may take months or years to develop. When this happens, you may feel immense stress at the thought of the claim being denied. To give yourself the best chance of winning this dispute, you should hire an experienced worker's compensation attorney.

These professionals will help to craft an argument showing that the injuries were a result of your work environment or job responsibilities by interviewing witnesses, reviewing security footage and operating procedures for the employer. This may allow them to prove that the employer's negligence was to blame for your injuries.

Suffering a major work related injury can be a stressful experience for anyone to go through. In addition to paying the large medical bills that can accompany these injuries, you may also lose a substantial amount of wages due to missed time at work. Having a thorough understanding about these relatively common questions will allow you to be a more informed victim when you have suffered one of these injuries. Click here to learn more.