Dog Attacks: Did Your Neighbor's Careless Actions Cause Your Injuries?

If your neighbor's dog invaded your property and attacked you or one of your pets, you may wish to take the individual to court. But before you take your neighbor to court, you must consult with a personal injury attorney first. The type of personal injury claim you make against your neighbor may depend on several important factors, including these below. Did Your Neighbor Ignore Your Complaints? Dog attacks and bites are some of the most common problems known today. [Read More]

When Does Your Company Need A Workers' Comp Defense Attorney?

Workers' compensation insurance is designed to protect both your business and your employees from on-the-job injuries. In most states, workers' compensation is either no-fault or reduced fault, meaning that employees can file a claim even if they bear some or all of the responsibility for the accident. This protection works both ways, however, and it generally also protects your business from liability in the event that some or all of the fault does not lie with the injured employee. [Read More]

Medical Malpractice Injuries That Don't Grab Headlines

If a surgeon operates on the wrong part of the body or leaves an object inside a patient, expect the news to hit the headlines for days. However, those are not the only types of medical malpractice injuries patients routinely suffer. There are other, more common medical malpractice injuries that don't grab the headlines. Below are a few examples of such injuries. Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis A misdiagnosis occurs if a doctor makes a mistake that leads them to an incorrect disease. [Read More]

Accident Claim Against A Relative: Reasons For, Against, And Tips

If you are injured in an accident caused by a relative, you may hesitate on whether to demand compensation for your injuries. Below are the pros and cons of whether such a claim (or lawsuit) is helpful, and how you should go about it if you decide to proceed. Reasons for Suing With a few exceptions that don't include relatives, the law allows you to sue anyone who causes an accident that leaves you with damages. [Read More]