Issues That Will Determine The Payment You Get After Suing Someone

If you suffer severe bodily harm because of another individual's negligent actions, you should be able to recover payment for your losses. In such a case, your settlement will cover your treatment costs, the salary you will lose, property damage expenses, and the agony caused by your injuries. However, the payment you will get will depend on your specific case. Note that this is why you must discuss your issue with an attorney before filing your claim. This way, you will know how much to expect when you file your lawsuit. They will determine the payment you might get after evaluating the following factors.

The Seriousness of Your Injuries

Many insurance companies focus more on the nature and extent of a complainant's injuries when determining the payment to offer them. Therefore, if you suffered serious harm that requires expensive treatment, you are likely to get a higher payment than someone who may only have sustained minor injuries. However, there is a likelihood that the insurance provider will try to downplay the severity of your injuries so that they can pay the lowest payment possible. Therefore, your lawyer will advise you to get a comprehensive medical check-up to get detailed medical documentation. Moreover, this will enable them to prove that you suffered serious harm that requires significant payment.

The Cost of Repairs or Replacement

The payment you get will also depend on the cost of repairs and replacing damaged property. For example, a huge chunk of this settlement will cover the damage to your vehicle if involved in a collision. Then the other percentage will cover the cost of replacing phones, computers, jewelry, pets, and other valuables damaged in your vehicle. Given this, it is important to work with an attorney when calculating the cost of your property damages so that they can determine their true value. They will then negotiate for you to ensure you get the right settlement for these losses.

Your Contribution to the Accident

Your contribution to the accident will also impact the payment you will get. This means that you might get a lower payment if the insurance company determines that you played a part in the incident that caused your injuries. Unfortunately, some insurance providers wrongly accuse complainants of being at fault to avoid paying them the right payment. In such a situation, your lawyer can table evidence to prove that you were not in the wrong and your correct fault percentage. Therefore, this will enable you to get the right payment you deserve.

If you're planning to file an injury claim, speak to a personal injury attorney to know the payment you should expect. They will evaluate the issues discussed above to determine the value of your claim. Your lawyer will then get evidence to support your right to get paid and present them when negotiating with the insurance agents to ensure you get your rightful settlement.

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