Instances That Might Prompt You To Request A Child Support Review

The court will give directions on child access and support payments before the dissolution of your marriage. However, you have a chance to seek amendments to the given judgment. For example, you can request the court modify your child support payments. But you must have a genuine reason for wanting a review of the amount of money the court instructed you to pay for your children's upkeep. The input of a family lawyer is crucial at this point. Your attorney may suggest a child support review in the following situations.

Your Co-parent Has Started Working Full-time

Perhaps the jury ordered you to support the kids solely since your ex-spouse had no earnings or earned a low salary in their part-time employment. Or maybe they could not work the entire day due to childcare responsibilities. But over time, the kids will grow up, and your partner might begin working full-time. 

In that case, you might consider seeking an amendment in your child support agreement. Your legal advisor can file a case in court to request an adjustment of your payments. They will explain to the judge that your ex-spouse is now making more money and can cater to some basic requirements. You and your spouse will share the financial responsibilities of the kids equally after a successful petition.

You Have Assumed Child Custodianship

Your kid may decide to move out of their other parent's home and start living with you. In this case, you can't continue paying child support because you will be the custodial parent. Therefore, you need to talk to your legal advisor to institute amendments to your child support agreements. The judge will review the request before issuing new orders indicating the amount of money your partner will contribute to your kid's upkeep.

You Are Not Making Enough Money

A job loss can cause financial challenges, making it difficult to continue remitting your child support payments on time. When this happens, you need to act swiftly before the court recommends tough measures against you for contempt of court. Your attorney can argue your case in court to convince the judge that you can't manage to make the payments as required. The jury might allow you to pay a lower amount until you get another job.

The three situations above warrant a child custody review. But it is advisable to consult a family attorney if you face any of them. They will review your case before taking legal steps to amend your child custody agreement.

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