3 Immediate Measures to Take After Being Involved in a Collision with an 18-Wheeler Truck

All motorists have a responsibility to drive safely and safeguard everyone's life. Unfortunately, some 18-wheeler truck drivers are not careful when driving, leading to collisions with smaller vehicles. The people in passenger vehicles sustain severe injuries because the trucks have high momentum. You should sue the truck driver or the trucking company to enable you to get compensation for your damages if this happens to you. A lawyer will recommend that you follow these steps when handling the claim.

Get Medical Care Immediately

Many 18-wheeler crashes cause life-threatening injuries that require immediate medical attention. In any case, getting medical care should be one of your top priorities. Your doctor will offer you immediate treatment to prevent your issue from developing into a complicated problem. In addition, seeking medical care soon after the accident can help you prove that you sustained injuries in the accident.

Gather and Preserve Any Useful Evidence

If you can move around after the accident, gather and preserve evidence that can strengthen your case. You can use your phone to take pictures before investigators and onlookers invade the scene. While at it, concentrate on the vehicles involved in the accident and the surrounding areas. Your photos should capture traffic signs, lanes of traffic, and road signs. You may also request property owners of buildings in the immediate vicinity access to video footage captured by their cameras. You may enlist the services of your legal advisor to help you gather the necessary information.

Consult a Legal Advisor

Consult a legal representative immediately if you realize that you've sustained injuries or damages in the collision. They will ask you several questions about the progress of your claim. Then, they will take over your claim to help you get justice. Your legal advisor will conduct a comprehensive investigation to enable them to get information linking the truck driver or their company to the accident. They will then negotiate with the insurance company to ensure that you get an acceptable payment. However, if your attorney does not reach a fair, reasonable settlement with the insurer, they will file a claim in court to help you get justice.

The measures you take after being involved in a collision with a semi directly affect the outcome of your claim. Therefore, you need to take the steps above immediately after the accident. Most importantly, work with an experienced 18-wheeler accident attorney to help you navigate the legal process.