Myths That May Mislead Asbestos Exposure Victims

For many decades, asbestos was an extremely common material to be used in a variety of construction projects. However, it was later discovered that asbestos is a highly toxic and damaging substance that can have severe impacts on the lungs of those that inhale small particles of it.

Asbestos Is Only Dangerous If It Gets Disturbed

One assumption that individuals may have about asbestos is that it will only be hazardous if the asbestos becomes disturbed. While this can increase the likelihood of you inhaling these particles due to the dust that this can spread, asbestos can also be a threat if you are not intentionally disturbing it. For example, the positioning of the HVAC system could lead to enough air blowing past the asbestos to lift particles and spread them into the building. Additionally, structural damage to the building could easily send asbestos into the air where it can be inhaled. For these reasons, individuals should have professionals remove any asbestos that is discovered in the building.

You Will Know Fairly Soon Whether You Have Developed Lung Disease as a Result Of Exposure

As with many substances, illness or disease can develop fairly quickly after exposure. However, asbestos exposure can take some time to cause symptoms in those that are exposed to them. For example, individuals may find that it can take decades for them to develop lung cancer or other types of lung disease. This delayed onset of symptoms can also lead to the damage from this exposure being able to become very severe as the victim may have even forgotten about their initial exposure to the asbestos.  

There Are No Options Available For Recovering Compensation For Asbestos-Related Damages

Treating lung disease that can be caused by asbestos exposure can be extremely expensive, and it may not even be possible in many cases due to the long-term damage this may cause to the lungs or even death as a result of cancerous growths. Luckily, victims of asbestos exposure can often take legal action to help receive compensation for these damages. Often, this will involve pursuing a lawsuit against the company that manufactured the asbestos-containing materials. However, it could also involve pursuing companies that failed to protect employees that were regularly exposed to asbestos. While lawsuits can be expensive matters to pursue, asbestos exposure victims will rarely have to pay out of pocket as attorneys that represent these injuries only collect after they successfully recover losses for the clients that they represent. Speak with a Lung Disease Lawyer if you think you might need some counsel in this area.