Tips For Hiring A DUI Attorney

If you are charged with a DUI (driving under the influence), finding a lawyer to represent you is crucial. The internet has made it easier now than it ever has been to find a lawyer that is a good fit for you. But there are some things to consider as you start your search.

DUI Experience 

Hiring a lawyer that has a strong background working with DUI cases is vital to the success of your case. Not every lawyer specializes in these kinds of cases and if they can be lacking knowledge of case law or the best way to work with the court in the area. Ask about their background, the number of cases they have handles involving DUI's and how many they have won in court. 


It is a good idea to ask for references from any lawyer you are considering retaining for your DUI case. The lawyer may not want to give out names, but you can search online for testimonials for the law firm. Many people will post reviews about their experience on websites related to law firms and lawyers. If someone has a poor experience with a particular lawyer or firm, they are very likely to post that online is any place they can find. Social media sites are an excellent place to start. 

Small or Large Firms

Deciding to use a smaller firm may mean that you can expect more personal attention, but larger firms will bring more resources to your case. Interview both smaller firms as well as the larger ones to get a feel for which is going to be the most comfortable for you. They will both tell you what they can offer and if they have the time and resources to handle the case for you. Sometimes with more prominent firms, you will be dealing with junior lawyers that are reporting to another attorney or partner in the firm. 

Cost and Fees

One concern that many people have is the cost of hiring a lawyer to represent them in court. The cost can vary a lot from one firm to another so be sure you take the time to discuss the coast of the lawyer as well as any court fees you may be facing. Even if the costs are only potential or estimated fees, being prepared up front is essential. The lawyer's fee is most likely already set, and they will have a set retainer you will need to pay before they get started on your case. 

For more information, contact your local DUI attorney.