3 Reasons To Suspect Your Are Being Discriminated Against In The Workplace

There are many forms of discrimination in the workplace. Race, religion, age, and gender to name only a few. Most of the time, workplace discrimination will not be overt, so you need to pay attention to some of the signs of discrimination. The following are some of the situations to be aware of that may indicate you are being discriminated against.

1. You did not get the promotion

Obviously, just because you were not promoted is not by itself an indication of discrimination. But if this is not the first time you have been passed over for a promotion, this may be a sign of discrimination. One thing to look for is the employee who did get the promotion. If this individual is similar to other employees in higher positions in the company, the difference in your race, religion, age, gender, or another attribute, may have been the reason you were not promoted. Again, the first incident doesn't necessarily mean discrimination, but it doesn't take long to see a pattern emerging.

2. You have been written up for an infraction

Every company has rules. If you have been written up for a rule violation, this could mean the company is laying the groundwork to defend itself against accusations of discriminating policies. If this is the case, the infraction is often something that is false. Or it may be an infraction that people are seldom written up for, and it seems like your supervisor is going out of his or her way to put a mark on your work record.

3. You have been given too much responsibility

This is a variation of a workplace violation. You are given a project that is slightly outside of your skill set, making it difficult to succeed. Or perhaps the work is something you can do, but they simply gave you too much of it. In either case, you are likely to fail, and like an infraction of company policy, this will be documented and may be used to justify denying your promotion. In the case of age discrimination, you may be given a workload designed to get you to quit. Older workers are often forced out of their jobs in many ways. This is another form of workplace discrimination.

Ultimately, your best course of action is to speak to an attorney about your suspicions of discrimination. Try to document as much of the events at your place of work as possible. The more information you can provide an attorney, the better he or she will be able to determine if you have a case of workplace discrimination.

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