Why Summer Is Dangerous For Motorists

The summer season is one of the most dangerous seasons for being on the road, and you should be extra careful when driving. Here are some of the reasons the risks of accidents seem to increase during the summer season:

Lots of Cars on the Road

The summer season sees an increase of cars on the road due to many reasons. For example, the students are out on vacation and will be driving, the weather is conducive and will encourage more people to drive, and there are plenty of parties and celebrations around that people need to drive to. The more cars are on the road the higher the risk of accidents.

Lots of Intoxicated Motorists

There is evidence that there are more intoxicated motorists during the summer than other seasons. This is partly due to the increased number of motorists, the summer parties, and good weather for leisure driving, among other reasons. As you know, intoxication increases the risk of an accident by impairing judgment.

Lots of Inexperienced Drivers on the Road

Teens cause more accidents than adult drivers if you take the number of teens and adult drivers on the road, and there are several reasons for this. For example, teens are more likely than adults to underestimate the effect of dangerous driving situations, teens are less experienced than adult drivers, and teens are also more likely to make critical errors than adults. Unfortunately, the summer season sees a high number of teens on the road because the schools are closed, which is one of the reasons accidents increase during this season.

Lots of Days with Extreme Weather

Whereas the summer season is known for its favorable weather that encourages leisure driving, it is also known for lots of days with inclement weather. Sudden downpours, windstorms, and all manner of storms increase the risk of accidents by making the road slippery and reducing visibility.

Lots of Road Construction Projects

Lastly, the summer season also provides government agencies with a good opportunity to handle road constructions. This means there will be lots of debris on the road and lots of diversions, which may also lead to overcrowded roads. The result is an increased risk of accidents over the summer season.

If you do get involved in a car accident, remember not to admit liability even if you think you contributed to the accident. Get medical care and keep evidence of the crash so that you don't make your car accident lawyer's work harder than it should.

For more information, contact a car accident attorney.