4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Personal Injury Claim

If you were involved in an accident in which you were injured, filing a personal injury claim is probably something you want to follow through with. This way, the party responsible for your injuries will compensate you for your medical bills, long-term health care directly related to the injury, and loss of income. To ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve, consider the following four tips:

  1. Make Sure Everything is Properly Reported: At the scene of the injury, a police report should be made. If you are unable to stay at the scene because of your injuries, be sure that you have a witness give a statement to the police. You also need to be sure that your doctor is reporting everything related to your injury, which also means that you should mention everything that is possibly wrong with you as a result of the injury. Do not leave out any details. If you were injured at work, do not forget to fill out a worker's injury report, as well. 
  2. Don't Avoid Your Doctor Appointments: During your time filing a personal injury claim, you should never miss a doctor appointment. This can be used against you, and it gives the opposite party reason to believe that your injuries should not be taken seriously. 
  3. Cooperate with the Opposite Party's Requests: There may be some requests made by the opposite party's insurance, such as filing out certain paperwork or writing a thorough letter detailing the incident. It's important that you follow through with these requests and submit them in a reasonable amount of time. However, before you get started, be sure to talk with your personal injury attorney to ensure that you are not submitting any forms that are unnecessary in your case and can actually be used against you. Your attorney can talk with the insurance company to explain why you will not be taking action on certain requests that are made. 
  4. List All Costs: Be sure that you are thoroughly documenting and listing all costs that are involved with your injuries. This includes travel costs to your doctor and other specialty offices for medical treatments, parking expenses at your hospital, unused membership payments to gyms or other activities, and more. 

When you consider these four tips, you can be sure that you get the most out of your personal injury claim to ensure that you are properly compensated for the injuries you have endured. For more information, talk to a personal injury attorney at a law office such as Randall A. Wolff & Associates, Ltd.