About Filing A Slip & Fall Injury Lawsuit With Help From A Lawyer

If you are in pain and too embarrassed to go to a particular supermarket because you slipped down in front of a lot of people, you might be legible for filing a personal injury lawsuit against the owner. As long as you slip and fell due to a bad condition at the supermarket, you might be able to get compensation for your psychological and physical injury. This article can answer some of the questions that might cross your mind about hiring a personal injury lawyer to argue your case.

The Beginning of the Dispute

Your case won't begin until the personal injury lawyer of your choice has decided that your case is solid. You will have to explain what your argument is against the store owner and why you think getting compensated is just. The consultation will give you a chance to explain how the slip and fall made you too embarrassed to return to the supermarket, as well as how the injury has been affecting your life. You will also have to answer questions that the lawyer wants to know, such as what caused you to slip. The dispute will begin after your case is accepted and the lawyer begins gathering evidence.

Getting Evidence to Prove Your Case

When it comes to getting evidence, the lawyer will gather a portion of it, but you must also hand him or her a few things. For instance, you will be required to give the lawyer evidence that you are or were being treating for a physical injury that occurred when you fell in the supermarket. The evidence should also include any psychological treatment that you have been undergoing for your embarrassment.  The lawyer add on to the evidence by trying to get video footage of you falling, which might be able to be obtained through a shopper that recorded it with his or her mobile phone. It is not likely that the supermarket owner will be will to hand the lawyer surveillance footage if there are cameras in the establishment.

Contacting the Supermarket Owner

The lawyer will attempt calling the supermarket owner to discuss your injury. If the owner is unable to be reached on the phone, he or she will be contacted via certified mail. Your case will either be heard during mediation, or it can go to court. The lawyer is likely to opt for mediation at first to see if you can get a faster settlement. Hire a lawyer for your slip and fall injury lawsuit so you can be compensated. Visit http://leifericksonlawoffice.com for more information on personal injury lawsuits.