How To Encourage Your Employees To Check Identification

If you run a busy store that requires you to process many customers a day, ring up a ton of items, and then give the customer the correct change, chances are good that you have overwhelmed employees. This can make it difficult to ensure that they are motivated to check identification for certain items. The problem with this is that you and your store could go under if your employees are caught not checking ID's. Here are tips for training and motivating your employees to check identification.

1. Do Random Checks Yourself

Spend a few minutes every day observing your employees. Wait for a customer to come up that wants to purchase liquor. Then, get close enough to your employee without him or her seeing you and listen to make sure that he or she asks the customer for a form of identification to prove that the customer is old enough to purchase alcohol. Make sure that the employee actually looks at the date on the card to validate that the customer is 21 years or older. Do these random checks throughout the day to each of your employees. They will be sure to let each other know that you were watching and therefore increase the chances that your employees will continue to check IDs in the future. If your employee forgets to check an ID, talk to that employee separately as soon as possible. Mark it down. If your employee doesn't check three IDs while you are watching, have that employee go through training again.

2. Provide an Incentive

Every year, make sure that you give your employees a training with regards to checking IDs. Tell them what could happen to you, the business, and their jobs if they don't check IDs and give them tips for checking quickly, such as a chart that details where the birth date is on each state's license. Make the initial training short and to the point. If your employee does not check three or more IDs while you are watching, have him or her go through the training again, but make it long and tedious. You want the training to be informative, as well as a punishment.

3. Recognize Good Work

Make sure that you give quarterly rewards to every employee that makes it through an entire quarter without being caught not checking IDs. Give these employees some sort of treat, special luncheon, or additional day off 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in liquor laws.