Internet Dating? How To Spot A Potential Fake

Whether you're a busy professional bogged down with work tasks or you're simply looking for a new way to meet singles in your area, online dating services can help you. These sites allow you to search for singles in your area without ever leaving your home. Unfortunately, there is a certain risk that comes along with these services. Potential matches could be lying about their identity, criminal or employment history or a host of other things. Knowing how to sort fact from fiction is important.

Not So Important Details

When conversing back and forth with a potential match, make certain you are paying just as much attention to the minor details as you are the major ones. When a person is lying, they are more likely to remember the important parts of the story. The less important parts may be forgotten and change each time the story is told.

For example, say an individual told you they worked at a successful law firm for five years. The next time you talk, they say for three years, and the next time they say they worked there for six years. While this could be an honest mistake, a difference in this minor detail should serve as a potential red flag. If an individual is constantly changing the small details in their story, they may be feeding you a lie.

Avoiding Negative Emotions

Life is a roller coaster of good and bad times. You don't expect a potential suitor to show you raw emotion right away, but a person who is always happy might be hiding something. Most liars want to make you feel good. A person who is happy is more likely to believe what they're being told.

A person who avoids negative emotions at all costs might be worth watching. Say you were supposed to call the individual at a certain time. You failed to call, they texted you for hours and you never responded. Once you did communicate, you would be able to sense at least some level of discontent in a normal situation. A person who is constantly unmoved by normally negative situations may be being unrealistic and could be hiding something.

Private Investigator

If you are moving forward in your relationship with an online suitor and you have some reservations, a personal investigator can help. Whether the truth is you've met your dream mate or that your suspicions are confirmed, a personal investigator, such as New York Intelligence Agency Inc, can help you get to the bottom of the things.

As always, keep your safety and protection in mind. Never share information that you aren't comfortable sharing with someone online.